Questions? Call us: +91 98410 28825 / +91 90942 28825
Questions? Call us: +91 98410 28825 / +91 90942 28825


Essquares was conceived by a team of seasoned and like-minded professionals, each with a highly focused exposure in his respective industry segment. The primary objective of this association was to share the knowledge gained over FIVE DECADES of combined experience with Corporates, SME’s, Institutions and Business Schools.
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Improve Efficiency, Quality, Productivity and reduce costs. Implement new projects and develop new products with ease. Our consulting services help you achieve your objectives with special focus on...

  • Process optimization
  • Manpower stabilisation
  • Machines and Tools selection
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Reach Global prospects cost effectively. Our marketing services assists, as an extended arm, in introducing you to global prospects with the most modern marketing techniques enabling...

  • International Exposure
  • Quality Manpower Retention
  • Improved Top and Bottom Lines
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Experience ‘Experiences’ with our training programmes. Our Modules are specially designed to suit your exclusive needs helping your team succeed in reaching your organisational goals with focus on improving their...

  • Soft skills
  • Marketing acumen
  • Technical knowledge
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Why Us


It is not just the experience we have, and varied at that, having worked with some of the world’s best companies. For sure, the professionalism, process & systems and knowledge gained from these Multinationals have given us the edge, not only in career but also in life.

However, a few other important parameters like interest, commitment, ownership and customer centric approach has made quite a difference to the activities we do – be it Consulting, Marketing or Training. These have been rooted deep into us and have helped carve a niche for ourselves.

We do things differently …. with only one single objective in mind – ORGANIC GROWTH for our Customer.

Try us… Experience the positive change!!
105Training Programs




1. I run a small company doing job work for a tier II company. I manufacture a component which is used by my customer in an assembly which in-turn is being supplied to an Original Equipment Manufacturer. I wish I could supply direct to the OE itself. Would my wish come true?

Surely. Not only your wish for direct supplies to the OE, we can also assist you go Global. Let’s connect to know how.

2. Due to heavy market fluctuations, I am not able to plan properly. There are times when the order book overflows and I am not able to deliver but also times when I have to plan a lay off. How do I get constant order influx?

This is a practical problem being faced by many industrialists. It may not be possible to always have good order influx unless your customers keep doing very well always. However, we can ensure that we bring it close to a constant order influx with strategy changes

3. How would you do this?

Well. We will discuss this with you one to one

4. Can I be guaranteed of results?

Yes, we guarantee organic growth when you follow what we suggest

5. How do you help in marketing?

Our activity would start by participating in your quest to get a competent team. Once established, we would provide them with the ammunition required to excel in the market place. That apart we help with marketing services to take your company to the place where it rightly belongs

6. What do you mean by ‘Can be Customized’ in your training activity?

Every customer has his own priority and work schedule and hence would like us to train his employees based on their availability. The duration we have mentioned is for a comprehensive programme which we would prefer. However, we can be flexible depending on the above and modify our module duration and content accordingly.

7. What about Essquares academy? What is the duration you specify there?

As mentioned above, we would have the training based on customer convenience. Two days, One Day, half a day, 3 hours… we leave it to them to decide.

8. Can you guarantee better performance of employees after your training programme?

A tough question to answer. No trainer can guarantee better performance. As one may be aware, attitude of the employee is crucial for better performance. However, our customer testimonials are proof of our efforts. We have also given the email id of our customer just for anyone to get in touch with them for a first-hand information.