Questions? Call us: +91 98410 28825 / +91 90942 28825
Questions? Call us: +91 98410 28825 / +91 90942 28825

What we offer

Positioning of Products and Services
  • Assess the geographic areas and identify target geographies stage-wise
  • Position company globally and bring in e-commerce if necessary
  • Assist in setting up a Competent team
  • Provide support in Production Engineering with advice on Machines & Cutting tools

Project & New Product conception, nurture and implementation including assistance in

  • Vendor Development
  • Component material selection
  • Machine, Work Holding and Tool Holding selection
  • New machine commissioning and machine proove out
  • Cutting tool and Fixture proove out including cycle time & quality
  • Manpower identification and assessment
  • Production capacity enhancement
  • Time and system study

Various Sub processes/activities related to each area mentioned above would be discussed during the course of interaction and subsequently executed

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